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  • 20151024
    The E Club Social's logo has been redesigned! Now it integrates The E Club's new and improved logo plus a thinner, sleeker font used across The E Club Family in its new logos.


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  • 20140608
    The E Club, the parent site of The E Club Social and the rest of The E Club Family, is celebrating its fifth anniversary today. Five years ago, it was a small site about Mario, Star Trek, and science, devoted to providing great information to the users of the web. Today, The E Club and The E Club Family have reached and exceeded that goal many times.

    Happy fifth, The E Club!
     Mario Hat  

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  • 20120702
     Global Report:
    The E Club Social turns 1 year old today!
    The E Club Social is now one year old, and I can't say how much it impacted The E Club Family. It began the transition from The E Club Family being a small chain of content sites to it being a large chain of social networking-enhanced technology and content sites.

    In terms of members, The E Club+ has beaten The E Club Social 9 to 20, but both of these numbers can increase at any time. But without The E Club Social, The E Club+ would not exist. I, as CEO of The E Club Family, have never worked on a...

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  • 20110815
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    Some more changes to The E Club Social.
    Thanks to the power of iFrames, and The E Club's drag-and-drop interface (the WebStarts editor), our homepage got an awesome new look! Very Happy The E Club's drag-and-drop editor technology, powered by WebStarts, allowed me to create a new homepage for The E Club Social - on The E Club! The drag-and-drop editor allowed for more customization than I could ever make for The E Club Social's homepage than just plain HTML code, like I used before. With iFrame technology (HTML tags that allow the displaying...

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  • 20110813
     Global Report:
    Updates to our ClubIt! Button, making it faster and easier to use.
    On September 4, 2012, we have redesigned the ClubIt! Button (again) to
    make it faster, simpler, and more elegant. It's based on The E Club 's
    color scheme, and it still sports the same features.

    If you were here in the early stages of the ClubIt! Button's development, you saw that the button linked to a page in The E Club Social's News Bank where you could share a website you liked. This was bad, for it used up valuable time when there could be a faster alternative.

    ClubIt! Buttons give everyone the advantage of sharing websites and social networks all...

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  • 20110801
     Global Report:
    An important message regarding translation and the ads.

    The E Club Social has many visitors from around the world, including Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America. Many of our visitors probably speak different languages than English, which is The E Club Social's default language. To solve this, The E Club Social is introducing a Google Translate automatic translation system. When a guest/member of The E Club Social's browser's default language is different than English, a Google Translate banner will automatically appear above the...

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  • 20110715
     Global Report:
    The E Club Social's new sharing system and innovations.
    The E Club Social has taken the next step in sharing - a feature just like Facebook's "Like" button, Twitter's "Tweet" button, Google's " 1" button, or any other button in a social network.

    The E Club Social has just introduced ClubIt!, a sharing button that allows users to share information and websites with The E Club Social's community, in the News Feed. From now on, users will have these buttons' HTML code placed in their signatures.

    When somebody clicks on a ClubIt! Button, they get redirected to a post writing page, where they can write what website URL they...

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  • 20110709
     Global Report:
    The E Club Social's guests and members can find out more about The E Club's AdSense ads that are displayed.
    This is another important message relating to The E Club Social's Advertisements in the left sidebar:

    As a type of organization, The E Club Family Websites, like any other organization, needed some revenue. On August 3, 2010, The E Club Family Websites applied and joined the Google AdSense program. With AdSense, I place these non-annoying banner ads, text and image, all over The E Club Family Websites, while complying with AdSense's specific Program Policies all the same.

    As I have been surfing the web as an AdSense publisher, I noticed that there were many...

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  • 20110711
    Members of The E Club Social can get The E Club Social e-mail addresses and accounts!
    If you don't know already, Facebook has just recently released "" e-mail addresses and accounts. Before I announce this predictable (from the title) news, let's flash back to when the new The E Club ( was created...

    The E Club's new creator, WebStarts, gave The E Club custom e-mail addresses for getting a domain name, and using its paid Pro Plus Package. These e-mail accounts and addresses were powered by Google Apps, and they had the "" name. The E Club was a new e-mail provider!

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  • 20110719
     Top News:
    Members of The E Club Social can access The E Club Social on the go!
    I was in the Apple store yesterday, and I was playing around with some of the products. I went on an iPad, and I looked up The E Club Social. It worked, in the mobile edition!

    Users can mainly access The E Club Social Mobile by the News Bank, and that's where the mobile site redirects users to. I think there is an option where you can see the regular, non-mobile optimized The E Club Social, so check that out, also. Enjoy this new feature, mobile users!

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  • 20141220
    You can now add hashtags and mention members in posts here at The E Club Social! @/TheEClub #TheEClubSocial

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  • 20130715
    In the last few weeks, we have been busy updating The E Club Social and redesigning it. We're still working on some parts of the redesign, but most of it is done. There are quite a few updates:

    • The main menu has been reorganized. Before, the main menu was a bunch of images that had text that looked pretty bad. Now, we used pure CSS to redesign the main menu so that it looks more standardized. Also, we moved some links to the bottom of the page so that only services, search, and the list of members are on the main menu.
    • The font face...

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  • 20121014
    Today, since The E Club+ is down, we are redesigning The E Club Social. It won't affect the entire site.

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  • 20110810
    By the title of this post, you may be wondering, "Doesn't The E Club Social compete with Facebook?" No, it doesn't. The E Club Social is trying to get rid of Facebook's privacy flaws.

    Anyway, we are proud to announce that The E Club Social is integrated with Facebook Developers! Today, we registered an App ID, and Forumotion helped with the "Log in with Facebook" buttons in the Login page, and the News Bank. Now, Facebook users who haven't joined The E Club Social can join with Facebook!
    Also, on The E Club Social's homepage, Facebook users can type in some general...

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  • 20110806
    Another improvement to our Instant Messaging feature.
    The E Club Social is pleased to announce that its members can now use our Instant Messaging feature on all pages of The E Club Social! Look to the bottom right of the page, and you should see a button that says, "Instant Messaging". Click on it, and the Instant Messaging service will pop up! To close it, just click on "Instant Messaging" above the black box.

    Update: The E Club Social Instant Messaging has better compatibility than before! Instead of having to log in from the IM box in the News Bank (now gone), members can do everything from the tab in the bottom right. Enjoy!

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  • 20110802
    About the new blog in The E Club Family Websites.
    To assist the people who are curious or beginners in website creation, The E Club Family Websites have proudly released...WebAspire!

    On The E Club Social's 2-month birthday, the blog that helps budding web designers thrive is here!
    Find out more on!

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  • 20110729
    Updates for The E Club Social's Emoticons, and where they're from.
    To enhance The E Club Social Members' experience even more, The E Club Social is adding more Super Mario and Star Trek Emoticons to its library, plus The E Club Family Logo Emoticons! These new Emoticons are The E Club Family Logos from almost every website in The E Club Family that can be used in messages!

    We're also adding some new Super Mario and Star Trek Emoticons to the library. The Super Mario Emoticons come from the website's

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  • 20110722
    Just a few updates...Plus, a tour of The E Club Social!
    The E Club Social has been evolving! As a social network, we are changing a few things, and creating a few things. One of the changes is that the title of The E Club Social has been changed, to match the point of The E Club Social. A creation for The E Club Social is a new bunch of pages on The E Club, called "The E Club Social: Tour", and the pages have part numbers. Click here to see The E Club Social Tour: Part 1.

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  • 20110721
    Guests who visit The E Club Social can now register with their third-party accounts.
    In an attempt to further connect members of The E Club Social with guests who have third-party accounts, The E Club Social has partnered with Janrain Engage to provide guests of The E Club Social with third-party social sign in services.
    What does this mean?
    It's simple. Guests of The E Club Social can sign in to the following services with their accounts, if they have any: Google,...

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  • 20110719
    Have you ever been on iGoogle, where you can have a customized Google experience? Now, we've released iClub (the name sounds similar to iGoogle, but I made iClub up without thinking about iGoogle), a more customized experience for members of The E Club Social. Members can share The E Club Social, and check out some things about The E Club Social's members and community.

    Since the iClub is under construction, members can still access it, but they can't get the full experience, which is coming soon.

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  • 20110717
    Now that The E Club Social is full of cool technologies, we are proud to present our newest feature, The E Club Social VideoResort!

    When I heard that Google Plus has a video chat service, called Hangouts, which can allow a member of Google to talk with up to 10 people at a time, I wanted a video chat service for The E Club Social. Facebook also has a video chat service, but it only allows for 2 people at a time to talk. So, once again, The E Club Social beat Google and Facebook's technologies combined.

    I was looking on WebStarts' (

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  • 20110712
    Some Super Mario and Star Trek Emoticons that members can use in messages.
    The E Club Social has a big library of Smilies, or Emoticons, right? Well, since The E Club is all about Super Mario and Star Trek, we've added some Super Mario and Star Trek Emoticons to the Emoticons gallery!

    As of now, there is only one Star Trek Emoticon, and a bunch of Mario Emoticons, but we will add more as time goes on. So, how do you access these new Emoticons? It's simple! Just write posts! To the right of the field where you would write a post/Private Message in, there are lots of Smilies. If you click on one of them, it goes into your message! You can access the Mario and...

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  • 20110711
    Thanks to the formidable powers of Flash, I have created a few Super Mario and Star Trek animations for The E Club Family Websites. I also made two Flash banner ads for The E Club and The E Club Social. Here they are. (The E Club and The E Club Social Banner Ads and Star Trek animations' real background colors are black; they changed to white while uploading.)

    Mario Animations:

    Mario Animation 1:

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  • 20110709
    How Moderators of The E Club Social get no ads.
    This is a very special report from The E Club Social:

    Unlike the website creator Webs, which is desperate to take your money in a premium package or else you will be mobbed with ads in the free package, The E Club Social is providing a no-ads special for all Moderators! That's right! Moderators (and me, the administrator, does too) are granted ABSOLUTELY NO ADS IN ANY PAGES! How do you become a Moderator? It's simple! Just Private Message TheEClub (me), saying that you want to be a Moderator, and I will do what is necessary.

    Members, we are sorry that there...

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  • 20110706
    The E Club Social has created and is working on its very own homepage! The homepage is designed to inform users why The E Club Social is here, what it has to offer when you become a member, and it also has its own quick log in box. Check out the Google Docs slideshow on the homepage, also. Click here to go back to the homepage, since you can't access it any other way, for some reason.

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  • 20110702
    The E Club Social is thriving so far! It has lots of users, mostly guests, that go on. So far, the maximum amount of visitors and bots is 11! The E Club Social has also added some text to the navigational menu, notifying registered users if they have new Private Messages or not. Also, we've added in the "Register" button. The E Club Social now has footer links, linking to some of The E Club Family Websites. Also, The E Club Social is beginning to introduce Super Mario and Star Trek Emoticons, for members to use in their Private Messages and posts. As of now, we only have a moving Bowser Emoticon,...

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  • 20110702
    Welcome to The E Club Social Blog! Updates, news, and events about The E Club Social, The E Club's Social Network. Enjoy!

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